We are a group of CISOs and executives who mentor and share what we know with up-and-coming leaders who want to maximize their personal and professional success

Join our community of leaders who are actively building best in class information security programs that are nimble, responsive, well documented, continuously improving, and Always-Audit-Ready™


Interact with top security leaders who will help you maximize your personal and professional success

Mike Howard

Global Chief Security Officer, Microsoft, Ret.

Mike is an exceptional mentor to the security industry, setting the bar high for leadership training within his team at Microsoft and for many years at the CIA previously.

Noureen Njoroge

Security Threat Intel Engineer at Cisco Systems

Experienced Security Threat Intel working in cyberecurity & active threat analytics. Founder of "Mentor & Mentee Women in Cybersecurity" community. Named among the Top 30 Most Admired Minority Professionals in Cybersecurity.

Steve Hunt

Performance Excellence Advisor, Communities of Excellence

Longtime advocate of security maturity, Steve has advised many of the world’s largest organizations on achieving excellence in security. Steve is an ISSA Distinguished Fellow, Hall of Fame inductee.

Randall Frietzsche

Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Denver Health

Fritz is an ISSA Distinguished Fellow and has been contributing to community and career development of thousands of up-and-coming leaders for over twenty years.

Brandon Martin

Group Security Director, British Petroleum

Brandon Martin oversees security for BP in the Americas and Asia. Brandon is a former Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

Aurobindo Sundaram

Head of Information Assurance & Data Protection at RELX Group

Aurobindo has been helping his fellow security leaders build excellent programs and thrive in their careers for 15 years. He looks forward to helping young and experienced leaders make their careers even greater.

Katia Ravé

Life and Career Strategy Coach, Ravé Strategy Studio

Coach, philanthropist, and speaker, Katia inspires people to set higher goals and attain them fast. She helps individuals and groups to identify what’s missing and fill the gaps.

Michael Kramer

Former Pharma CEO and Performance Excellence Mentor

Mike guides companies to continual improvement through his experience leading in highly regulated environments. He is the founder of ManageHub, the collaboration platform that makes our Community possible.

Gary Hayslip

Chief Information Security Officer, Webroot

A leader, speaker and author who never stops making the industry better, Gary headed cybersecurity at City of San Diego, and draws on years of service in the US. Navy and US Government.

Powerful Resilient Security Starts with Powerful Resilient Leaders

Elevate skills of each leader on your team to earn the trust and respect of executives, employees and customers

Join a community of your peers learning from each other and from experts in leadership, business management, executive coaching, personal coaching, and more. Continuous personal improvement, non-stop collaboration, on demand learning, career growth.

Unlock Your Potential

Do you want to improve your career, become a better leader, collaborate with peers, and learn from experts?

Communities of Excellence are for people just like you. People with desire to become better leaders but have busy lives. People who want to grow in their careers and their personal lives. Do you want to get a better job, get a promotion? Become a respected C-level executive? Retire more financially secure? Join your Community of Excellence today.

Continuous Improvement

Identify and set goals. Turn to experts and peers in order to steadily achieve those goals

Do you want to get a better job, get a promotion? Became a respected C-level executive? Become a CISO? Retire more financially secure? Be a leader of your team, of your career and of your life. Communities of Excellence are peer groups with expert faculty sharing knowledge and developing essential new skills.

What's included when you join Communities of Excellence?

Each year, Community of Excellence members enjoy:

What happens in the Communities of Excellence?

Experts and your peers collaborate to help you gain knowledge, learn valuable new skills, and stick to your most important goals

Online group calls and Virtual Retreats cover a variety of subjects including:

Leadership Development

Employee Engagement

Continual Improvement

Standards & Regulations

Operational Best Practices

Career Development

Career Coaching

Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving

Executive Mentoring

Presenting to the Board

Strategy & Innovation

Executive Communications

A Personal Message from Steve Hunt

Welcome to the Communities of Excellence. You are embarking on a journey of measurable improvement, for yourself as a leader and for the people and operations you manage. I am passionate about helping IT and Security leaders to become better versions of themselves, and help them to turn their operations into a well-oiled machine, always audit-ready.

Communities of Excellence is new. It is envisioned to fuse IT and security with performance excellence out in the field. I am proud to be spearheading the advancement of the Communities to make more resilient leaders and more resilient organizations.

Enroll in a Community of Excellence and start improving immediately. The learning is almost entirely online and asynchronous. Meaning growth happens at everyone's own pace, while still being part of an active and interactive community of peers. Here's how it works.

Grow skills continually with instruction and guidance of esteemed faculty including luminary CSOs, Executive Coaches, Life Strategy Coaches, Professors of Management, and more. Every month there is more content available to the community members, and every day that they log in, they collaborate and share ideas freely with the community.

The large community is broken into smaller Birds of a
Feather groups. For example, there's one for young leaders, called Innovators. There's another one for mid-career professionals, called DIplomats, turning experience into statesmanship. (If you are my age and want to turn your next decade into your best decade, you can up your game in this group.)

Is this feeling good? Do you see how leadership training merged with security management best practices could benefit yourself and your team?

A Community of Excellence is kind of like an ISAC, an Information Sharing and Analysis Center... but for leadership. Instead of the FS-ISAC, or the HealthCare-ISAC, this is the Leadership-and-Employee-Engagement-ISAC.

This program is much more effective -- and cost effective -- than sending valuable employees to a five-day seminar somewhere where he or she drinks through a firehose and retains little if anything once they return to the backlog of work on their desk. No, you already know that real learning and real improvement come from consistency, absorbing bits at a time, and practicing what you learn with feedback from mentors and peers.

I look forward to joining you online in the Community of Excellence.

Join now with a monthly plan or save $1,445 with an annual plan

THERE’S MORE, every member may join one or more Birds-of-a-Feather cohorts:



Innovators is a club for young leaders in security, reaching for their first or second executive leadership position. Make lasting friendships and professional connections. Learn valuable skills from top industry luminaries: leadership, security operations, communicating the value of security, presenting to the board of directors, setting goals and engaging teams. Become a better leader at work and a better partner at home.


Diplomats is a training forum for mid-career security professionals to turn your experience into statesmanship. Set and reach exciting goals for the next chapter of your rich career. Share your wisdom and learn from experts how to make the next decade your best decade.


Maze Runners are our group of up-and-coming CIOs. Turning Complexity into Agility. The life blood of any organization is its information and managing information and systems is critical to competitive advantage. Learn or sharpen all skills of technology leadership.


Create your own cohort inside the larger community to focus on particular industries or technology areas

Join Now and Learn the Leadership Skills You Need to Become a Powerful and Respected Leader

Choose a monthly plan or save $1,445 with an annual plan

$495 per month $4,495 per year

Frequently Asked Questions:

1What are Communities of Excellence?
Communities of Excellence are online groups of leaders in security and IT who seek to grow and improve continuously. Communities of Excellence use a combination of online collaboration with peers across industries, an ever-growing knowledge-base available to all members, plus phone and video conferencing and face-to-face gatherings.
2Are the Communities of Excellence for me?
Yes, if you see yourself in these statements: You love learning alongside other smart people, and you know you have important things still to learn. You feel that your career is more or less on track, yet you have untapped potential to achieve more. You want to become a continually better version of yourself. You want to explore new ideas with a network of close, trusted colleagues.
3Who should not be a member?
You are confident that you have all the resources and skills to achieve all your goals. You see personal and career improvement as unnecessary. You are surrounded by many like-minded friends who hold you accountable to your goals. You achieve your biggest goals without encouragement or support from others. You tend not to get stuck or sidetracked. Your network of close, trusted colleagues is sufficient for your ambitions.
4What happens in Communities of Excellence?
Daily learning, in large or small doses, facilitated by faculty that includes senior security and technology leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, professors of management, an executive coach, a life strategy coach, and more. Experts and your peers collaborate to help you gain knowledge, learn valuable new skills, and stick to goals.
5What are Birds-of-a-Feather groups?
Communities of Excellence members may join one or more smaller groups organized around specific industries, such as banking or government, or by themes, like young CISOs, CIOs, or experienced executives. Members may belong to multiple Birds-of-a-Feather groups.
6Is one-on-one executive coaching available?
Yes. Many of our faculty are available to mentor leaders for an additional fee. Simply send a request within the ManageHub collaboration platform to be matched with available mentors.
7Is Virtual CISO service available?
Yes. Many of our faculty will serve as vCISOs for a fee. Members may send a request within the ManageHub collaboration platform.
8What languages are supported
Communities of Excellence are conducted online, in English.
9How do I join?
Simply purchase the membership you like, paying monthly or annually, complete your profile, agree to our terms of usage, ethics and privacy, and log in.
10May consultants join?
Yes. Consultants have rich and diverse experience and have a lot to contribute to the Communities of Excellence. Any leader who wishes to grow in skills continuously and in collaboration with other leaders in security and IT is welcome. Consultants are not eligible for month-to-month membership.
11May vendors or salespeople join?
Not currently. However, you may contact us to discuss some creative alternatives.
12Do I have to be an executive?
No. up-and-coming leaders, as well as management and leadership veterans are welcome.
13What if I'm not in cybersecurity?
Many members are not in cybersecurity. You are welcome.
14What is ManageHub?
ManageHub hosts and administers the Communities. The company, based in Skokie, Illinois, administers process improvement platforms in collaboration with The Alliance for Performance Excellence [http://www.baldrigealliance.org/], the public-private outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program [http://nist.gov/Baldrige], which is managed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology [http://www.nist.gov], an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Join Now and Learn the Leadership Skills You Need to Become a Powerful and Respected Leader

Choose a monthly plan or save $1,445 with an annual plan

$495 per month $4,495 per year

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