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Replace Expensive Onsite Consulting and Offsite Training with Affordable Online CyberLive Coaching

Start Building a Fully Compliant Cybersecurity Department

Focusing on performance excellence result in measurable benefits

Create a Living Operating Manual

Document the valuable know-how of your organization's critical cybersecurity processes. Avoid the stress, cost, and frustration of recreating work when staff move up or out of your department.

Turn Strategic Plans into Action Plans

Engage your employees in a program of continuous improvement. Help slowly, methodically, and proactively fill security gaps that might otherwise result in costly and embarrassing security events.

Create Automated Management Systems

Learn how to adopt a "Systems Approach" to managing your cybersecurity department. Your objective is to automate the management of your critical recurring processes. This helps make your cybersecurity department lean, effective, and responsive to evolving threats.

Create a Culture of Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation and collaboration do not happen by themselves. Your CyberLive cybersecurity coach helps you leverage the insights of your employees through facilitated collaboration. You also learn how to create a highly valuable employee-powered continuous improvement (innovation) cycle.

Engage Employees as Active Participants

Your employees are the eyes and ears of your cybersecurity department. They know what is working and what is broken. CyberLive helps you engage employees to proactively report and resolve their security issues and improvement ideas.


An Alternative to Expensive, Disruptive On-Site Consultants and Off-Site Training

Optimize your company's security program with on-demand access to online tools, training and support, so you can gradually (or rapidly) improve your information security program.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company's cybersecurity program by helping you adopt the same practices used by the largest and most successful information security departments.

Your personal CyberLive coach helps demystify complex and confusing cybersecurity requirements and terminology. Together, we help you make decisions, select technologies and choose the best options for your organization.

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Use Our Cybersecurity Success Score to Measure Your Organization's Improvement

ManageHub’s Cybersecurity Success Score is a comprehensive organizational assessment tool developed in collaboration with the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the Alliance for Performance Excellence (the outreach arm of the Baldrige Enterprise).

The Cybersecurity Success Score helps identify management and process gaps, and measures improvement in security maturity. The Assessment generates a customized 35-page feedback report that helps leaders and employees fine-tune a prioritized improvement plan. The Cybersecurity Success Score is the basis for earning an ISSA Excellence Award.

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Valuable Knowledge-Sharing and Online Moderated Collaboration

ManageHub’s CyberLive utilizes a proprietary web-based collaboration platform to engage your employees in valuable online discussions and an ongoing exchange of knowledge, ideas and information. Your employees will learn how to use your private CyberLive account to document and continuously improve your organization’s cybersecurity processes.

Imagine the benefit of instant access to cybersecurity experts using your CyberLive online, non-disruptive, and asynchronous communication platform.

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CyberLive Membership is for You and Your Employees!

Achieving cybersecurity excellence requires the active participation of your entire information security department.

As a CyberLive member you can invite all of your employees to participate in the learning and collaboration. Our objective is to help your entire team access the information they need to rapidly improve your organization's cybersecurirty maturity.

The more employees you can engage in your department's improvement initiative the more rapidly your organization will achieve award-winning levels of excellence.

Choose the ComEx Membership That is Right for Your Business

ComEx offers you highly-flexible support options that fit your organization’s needs and budget

Are you a Cybersecurity Consultant?

Would you like to create your own proprietary version of CyberLive that includes your firm's templates, worksheets, directions, and implementation plans? It is easy to do and a great way to complement your client services with "always-on" cybersecurity feedback, guidance and support. To learn more call 1-800-999-9231, visit our partner webpage or Contact us to learn how

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